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It’s fun to run around and play with your kids, but sometimes their boundless energy is just too much to take. There are days where it seems like they simply will never be able to quiet down and get some rest. For times like these it’s great to just sit back, drink some coffee or tea, and enjoy watching your kids go hog wild running, climbing, jumping and crawling in an amazingly fun jungle gym.

Playwerx provides the perfect environment for you to relax while your kids play. Not only that, it can be a great place for them to make friends. Nothing quite forms friendships better than exciting fun and adventure in a safe place where they can explore and play games with each other. You never know when a kid can make a lifelong friend.

And let’s face it; sometimes it’s just nice to wear your kid out. Kids at Playwerx often play themselves to exhaustion because of the amount of fun that have within the labyrinth of fun activities in the play space. But beware, this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes the kids have so much fun that they never want to leave, no matter how exhausted they may be. Don’t worry though, Playwerx does close eventually.



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