Kids in the communities of Carlsbad, San Marcos, Oceanside, Vista and other San Diego neighborhoods are back at school. During the first couple of weeks parents are often filled with a sense of relief and a bit of anxiety as well. Children feel this excitement and stress, too.

The first weeks of school can be tough as routines are put back in place; kids adjust to early bed times, rushed mornings and packed schedules.

Amidst all of these changes, remember to include some downtime as well. Give your kids a reward and a break from the daily schedule by including some playtime and an opportunity to burn off energy they may not have had a chance to do during the school day.

Playwerx Carlsbad is the perfect venue for some after-school fun and exercise while at the same time providing downtime for Mom or Dad. Parents can sit on a leather couch, sip some great coffee, browse grown-up magazines, and access free WIFI while their kids run through our multi-level play structure.

As a back to school special, PlayWerx will have “Happy Hour in September”. Visit us during the last business hour of any day during the month of September and your admission is 50% off. That means you can come Tues-Friday from 5-6pm, Saturday from 6-7pm or Sunday from 5-6pm for 50% off regular admission price!