{A happy, active kid at Playwerx!}
These days, it is all too common for children to spend hours playing on their iPad or laptop, which is why active play and physical exercise are so important! As parents ourselves, we know that there are days when your kids need an active play alternative, and that is why we provide a safe indoor play center that parents love, too!
While regular physical activity is good for everyone, it is vital for healthy growth and development of babies and young children. According to Kids at Play, the government website promoting healthy eating and active play, regular physical activity is important for maintaining good health, enhancing social skills and self-confidence and preventing the development of poor health or health risk factors.
Regular physical activity across the lifespan has shown the following proven benefits:
·         Healthy weight management
·         Increased movement, coordination, balance and reaction time
·         Healthy growth and development
·         Building strong bones, muscles and hearts
·         Acquisition of fundamental motor skills
·         Prevention of Type II diabetes
·         Prevention of cardiovascular disease
·         Prevention of some forms of cancer