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June is Our Birthday and Our Time to Say Thank You!

// posted by Joanne Coval on Tuesday, June 06, 2017


It's our birthday!

 Believe it or not PlayWerx turns nine years old this month and we owe it to hard work, dedication and the support of our PlayWerx families! That's why we decided to make June our customer appreciation month. Starting this week through the end of June, we will have special prizes and promotions during the week when you come in to play. This first week you can enjoy a FREE house coffee, hot tea, iced coffee or iced tea. Just our way of saying thank you!


Ways to Save on Admission

// posted by Joanne Coval on Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Hey PlayWerx Families! 

We hope you filled your summer by hanging out with family and friends, visiting new destinations, and enjoying your favorite activities! 

And even though San Diego offers many cool ways to stay busy for free - beaches, parks, hiking trails, concerts in the parks - we know that keeping the kids entertained can get expensive.  

To help out, we offer many ways to save on admission to PlayWerx:

Tot Pass: For kids 3 years and under: $45 for 6 visits and 2 cups of our gourmet coffee for you. Can be used for multiple children.

Value Pass:

For kids 4 years and older: $75 for 8 visits and 2 cups of our gourmet coffee for you. Can be used for multiple children.

Military Discount: To honor our men and women in service, we offer $1 off admission to the children of all active and retired members of the military.

Please note that these discounts cannot be used with birthday parties or other discounts. 

These savings are good all year and the passes don’t expire! Remember – moms and dads always play for free at PlayWerx.


Surviving Summer

// posted by Joanne Coval on Tuesday, June 18, 2013


For kids and moms, summer promises endless, blissful days of sleeping in, catching waves at the beach and playing with friends. And for the first couple of weeks or so, the break from the over-scheduled school year is bliss. But eventually bliss morphs into stress. The kids are home eating and messing things up all day. Boredom and restlessness set in when friends are unavailable because they are vacationing or at camp. The burden of coming up with fun ideas and curriculum rests solely on you.

How will you balance all that free time with some structure and keep the kids out of mischief? When will you squeeze in time for yourself? Here's where Camp PlayWerx comes to your rescue.

At our all-day camps, your kids will enjoy hours of active exploration with playmates their same age. We enhance  the camp experience with daily art projects and music twice a week. Healthy lunches, snacks and beverages are included in the price of camp, so you'll have one less meal to prepare each day and fewer messes to clean up.

During your temporary escape from the cycle of cook, clean and entertain, you can focus your energy on yourself. Read a book, take on a special project, learn to surf, or share grown-up time with your friends. Build a little extra time into your day by carpooling to camp with another family.

If you feel guilty about dropping your kids off at camp, remember, they need an occasional break from you too. You'll come away from your brief hiatus with renewed energy, and you'll be in great shape to savor the rest of summer - with kids in tow!


Jump Into Summer At Camp PlayWerx!

// posted by Joanne Coval on Friday, May 10, 2013


Spirits soar at our popular summer camp! Children enjoy hours of active fun interspersed with art, music and spontaneous giggles! They have a blast as they swoosh down slides, wiggle through mazes, and leap gallop and skip in our mega structure. They form new friendships, and bond with our super cool staff that gets to know each child and make them feel special.

We bring art to life through daily arts and crafts activities, and treat campers to musical adventures through dance, song and storytelling twice a week. Our schedule is set up to create a balance of energetic play, artistic discovery and some quiet time at the end of the day when kids take a break from the action.

Camp dates are:

Week 1 July 8th - 12th

Week 2 July 15th - 19th

Week 3 July 22nd - 26th

Camp hours are from 10am to 3pm with extended hours available.

With our plans, you're free to enroll for an entire week, or attend any number of days any time between 10 and 3. For parents who just need a little time off, we accept hourly drop offs. How's that for convenience!

Camp rates are:

$225 per week, and $195 for siblings,

$49 per day, and $40 for siblings, or

$12 per hour, and $7 per hour for siblings

For the weekly and daily camp, the fee includes healthy snacks and beverages throughout the day as well as a full lunch. For the hourly rates, we can set up a special plan to include food and drink - just ask!

Camp is for children ages 3 years old and up (bathroom independent). Reservations and payment must be made in advance.

Our camps fill up early - so reserve soon by calling us!


Happy Birthday to Us!

// posted by Joanne Coval on Friday, May 03, 2013


Hey PlayWerx Families - We're turning 6 real soon, and to celebrate, we're throwing a birthday pajama party with you as our VIPs!

We're proud of our hard work and thankful that you choose PlayWerx as your go-to place for wholesome, active, family fun. This celebration is as much about you as it is about us!

We've planned an action-packed and exciting evening with entertainment by the amazing, guitar playing Clint Perry and his Boo Hoo Crew, who will keep you in stitches with their interactive songs and imaginative tales. We'll dance to live music under flashing laser lights and twinkling disco balls, and have a blast exploring our mazes and slides.

We'll treat you to pizza, popcorn, drinks and birthday cake too!

Dress the kiddos in comfy pajamas and join the fun on Friday, May 31st from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. $15 per child. As always, parents play for free.

We're excited - hope you are too!


The Best Kids Party Ever

// posted by Joanne Coval on Thursday, September 15, 2011


Memories of our early childhood can be really fuzzy. They are sporadic flashes of moments, both joyous and sorrowful, that defined who we were and the type of people we would become. Every parent wants to create the happiest memories possible for their children, and one of the best ways to form these memories is to create events that break the chain of normal activity. This can come in the form vacations, visits from family, or a kid’s favorite, a birthday party.

There are a lot of different options to choose from when it comes to a kid’s party, but a party at Playwerx can be fun on a whole other level. Joy for children often exists solely in the physical realm. Some of our greatest early memories come from activities like jumping, running, climbing trees and exploring the environment. Playwerx allows for that level of activity in a fun and safe indoor place where kids can just act like kids.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember as an adult, but some of the greatest times we have as kids come from exploring structurally complicated places. Things like funhouses, haunted houses, jungle gyms and tree covered creeks remain some of the most fun places to explore. Playwerx has created a similar type of environment where kids at the party can explore mazes, slides and ball pits to their hearts content and form memories that will last a lifetime.



// posted by Joanne Coval on Thursday, September 01, 2011


Kids in the communities of Carlsbad, San Marcos, Oceanside, Vista and other San Diego neighborhoods are back at school. During the first couple of weeks parents are often filled with a sense of relief and a bit of anxiety as well. Children feel this excitement and stress, too.

The first weeks of school can be tough as routines are put back in place; kids adjust to early bed times, rushed mornings and packed schedules.

Amidst all of these changes, remember to include some downtime as well. Give your kids a reward and a break from the daily schedule by including some playtime and an opportunity to burn off energy they may not have had a chance to do during the school day.

Playwerx Carlsbad is the perfect venue for some after-school fun and exercise while at the same time providing downtime for Mom or Dad. Parents can sit on a leather couch, sip some great coffee, browse grown-up magazines, and access free WIFI while their kids run through our multi-level play structure.

As a back to school special, PlayWerx will have “Happy Hour in September”. Visit us during the last business hour of any day during the month of September and your admission is 50% off. That means you can come Tues-Friday from 5-6pm, Saturday from 6-7pm or Sunday from 5-6pm for 50% off regular admission price!


Playwerx Knows Active Play is Important!

// posted by Joanne Coval on Tuesday, August 09, 2011


{A happy, active kid at Playwerx!}
These days, it is all too common for children to spend hours playing on their iPad or laptop, which is why active play and physical exercise are so important! As parents ourselves, we know that there are days when your kids need an active play alternative, and that is why we provide a safe indoor play center that parents love, too!
While regular physical activity is good for everyone, it is vital for healthy growth and development of babies and young children. According to Kids at Play, the government website promoting healthy eating and active play, regular physical activity is important for maintaining good health, enhancing social skills and self-confidence and preventing the development of poor health or health risk factors.
Regular physical activity across the lifespan has shown the following proven benefits:
·         Healthy weight management
·         Increased movement, coordination, balance and reaction time
·         Healthy growth and development
·         Building strong bones, muscles and hearts
·         Acquisition of fundamental motor skills
·         Prevention of Type II diabetes
·         Prevention of cardiovascular disease
·         Prevention of some forms of cancer


Why Choose Playwerx?

// posted by Joanne Coval on Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Playwerx was formed out of our quest to find a clean, safe, healthy and still fun indoor play center for our three children, both for birthday parties and days when they had extra energy!
Three years after coming up with the idea to create a place where kids could play and parents would be comfortable and enjoy themselves, too, Playwerx was born! Playwerx in Carlsbad boasts fair trade organic coffee, all-natural lemonade and treats like frozen, chocolate-covered banana fruit bars. As parents, we are committed to serving healthy food. You won’t find junk food at our café, instead we serve reasonably priced healthy food and snacks ranging from grilled cheese sandwiches to salads. We even have a weekly special for adults!
Whether you are searching for rainy day play activities or a place to host your child’s next birthday party, visit Playwerx!


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