For kids and moms, summer promises endless, blissful days of sleeping in, catching waves at the beach and playing with friends. And for the first couple of weeks or so, the break from the over-scheduled school year is bliss. But eventually bliss morphs into stress. The kids are home eating and messing things up all day. Boredom and restlessness set in when friends are unavailable because they are vacationing or at camp. The burden of coming up with fun ideas and curriculum rests solely on you.

How will you balance all that free time with some structure and keep the kids out of mischief? When will you squeeze in time for yourself? Here's where Camp PlayWerx comes to your rescue.

At our all-day camps, your kids will enjoy hours of active exploration with playmates their same age. We enhance  the camp experience with daily art projects and music twice a week. Healthy lunches, snacks and beverages are included in the price of camp, so you'll have one less meal to prepare each day and fewer messes to clean up.

During your temporary escape from the cycle of cook, clean and entertain, you can focus your energy on yourself. Read a book, take on a special project, learn to surf, or share grown-up time with your friends. Build a little extra time into your day by carpooling to camp with another family.

If you feel guilty about dropping your kids off at camp, remember, they need an occasional break from you too. You'll come away from your brief hiatus with renewed energy, and you'll be in great shape to savor the rest of summer - with kids in tow!