Memories of our early childhood can be really fuzzy. They are sporadic flashes of moments, both joyous and sorrowful, that defined who we were and the type of people we would become. Every parent wants to create the happiest memories possible for their children, and one of the best ways to form these memories is to create events that break the chain of normal activity. This can come in the form vacations, visits from family, or a kid’s favorite, a birthday party.

There are a lot of different options to choose from when it comes to a kid’s party, but a party at Playwerx can be fun on a whole other level. Joy for children often exists solely in the physical realm. Some of our greatest early memories come from activities like jumping, running, climbing trees and exploring the environment. Playwerx allows for that level of activity in a fun and safe indoor place where kids can just act like kids.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember as an adult, but some of the greatest times we have as kids come from exploring structurally complicated places. Things like funhouses, haunted houses, jungle gyms and tree covered creeks remain some of the most fun places to explore. Playwerx has created a similar type of environment where kids at the party can explore mazes, slides and ball pits to their hearts content and form memories that will last a lifetime.